Go Positive: Lead to Engage

Go Positive Lead to EngageToday’s leaders are becoming more reliant on employee engagement as they are faced with the challenge of doing more with less, and doing it faster. Scott Carbonara is co-author of this powerful, off-the-shelf training package aimed at helping managers engage their employees by becoming aware, aligned, and active in their own leadership–utilizing a positive rather than punitive approach to becoming internally motivated for success.

How Engaged is Your Organization?

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Employee Engagement and Culture SurveyGallup recently conducted a study showing that only 29% of employees were engaged in their work. Their research uncovered evidence that about 54% are disengaged and the remaining 17% were actively disengaged. Without engagement at a personal level, teamwork is eroded, goal setting is lackluster and leadership is challenged. At the corporate level, disengagement hurts employee retention, profits die, and projects lose focus midstream.

How can managers and leaders solve this pervasive issue?

Go Positive: Lead to Engage.

This ½ day workshop or a full day workshop is aimed at shaping managers’ thinking from the inside out, rather than the outside in. This shift assumes that managers and their employers are open to taking full responsibility for their roles and want to know how to enjoy their work more, become consistently valuable to their teams, and find more meaning in their work to become fully engaged.

The Go Positive! workshop is for organizations that want to build a high-engagement culture. The best way to build that kind of environment was to “institutionalize” it, that is, embed the same thoughts, attitudes, and actions within every level of the organization.

 The Go Positive: Lead to Engage program includes:

  • Facilitators Guide
  • Participant Workbook
  • PowerPoint slide deck
  • Poster
  • Takeaway card
  • Flash drive with scripts in Word from the Facilitators Guide, PowerPoint slides, and a PDF of the Facilitator’s Guide

Learning Objectives:

  • Clear understanding of 9 Go Positive Principles for creating an inside-out engagement culture
  • Apply principles for increased engagement in others
  • Practice skills to enhance leadership skills


  • Half day or full day workshop
  • 1-2 facilitators
  • Interactive dialogue for groups of 10-20
  • Exercises & handouts

The Go Positive! workshop will equip managers to create a culture of positive attitude and will provide a roadmap for getting leaders and their employees on the right track, and keeping them in the future.

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