Engage employees to give of their discretionary effort, while learning how to lead more effectively and authentically. Scott’s books are highly authentic, engaging, and practical to leaders “from the boardroom to the family room.” By weaving riveting and often humorous stories of his own experiences, with key tips for maximizing performance and leadership, Scott shows how to get more from the workplace and beyond.

Scott’s Signature Books

A Manager’s Guide to Employee Engagement (McGraw Hill 2012)Manager's Guide to Employee Engagement

Develop the leadership skills that empower people to create outstanding results. Effective managers know that their job is to help employees do their best work, not to give them orders. The Manager’s Guide to Employee to Engagement enables leaders at all levels to build relationships that support collaboration and drive meaningful performance improvement. And when a team succeeds, everybody wins!

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Firsthand Lessons, Secondhand Dogs

Have you ever felt like it is too late to start over? Told through a story of how an unwanted dog became a life-changing mentor, Firsthand Lessons, Secondhand Dogs is a book about getting a second chance at enjoying a first-rate existence. The story begins with the unlikely adoption of a “secondhand” dog, Bruno, and is paralleled to the life of his “adoptive father,” author Scott Carbonara. As Scott’s life changes, through work promotions and challenges, Bruno subtly yet strongly demonstrates how to have fun, focus, forgive, and finally, pay it forward—all lessons that serve us whether in business or life. As Scott illustrates through the poignant and often humorous story and accompanying lessons and exercises, as long as you strive to keep learning and teaching others, your work continues. This book provides an opportunity to laugh, learn, and love your life again, all while finding concrete ways to pay it forward.



Don’t Throw Underwear on the Table & Other Lessons Learned at Work

The title conjures up all sorts of thoughts about the kind of position Scott might have held where the temptation to throw a pair of actual underwear on the table seemed like, in Scott’s words “A good idea at the time.” For several years, Scott worked as a family therapist, serving as a live-in counselor for a residential group home for juvenile delinquents. These were not Sunday School kids being sent to a weekend camp with days full of singing and evenings spent around the campfire eating s’mores. These children were wards of the state, and they were placed in Scott’s custody because each had suffered some profound abuse and/or neglect. In one corner stood Scott, a “mature,” college-educated, adult at the ripe age of twenty-two. In the other corner stood six children, many carrying long, distinguished juvenile criminal records by the time they were placed in his care. Who would win? Before he could find success in connecting with the hearts and minds of the children in his care, Scott had his own fears and insecurities to confront and overcome. He soon understood that to reach his kids, he had to close the textbook. And open his own heart. While Scott endeavored to bring security, structure and stability into the lives of the troubled children he served, he believes that they taught him how to listen to his heart.


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Rave Reviews for Firsthand Lessons, Secondhand Dogs

“Scott’s gifted story-telling underlies humble and applicable lessons. As I read, I was laughing, crying, and thinking about how I could become a better person and manager. We are all apt to find ourselves in the position of being a “secondhand dog” at some point in our lives. Scott’s book provides the upside to reinvention.” -Jocelyn Godfrey, President, Spiritus Communications, Inc.

“Funny, warm, insightful…”Secondhand Dogs” reminds us that “as long as we have the capability to learn, our work improving our world is never complete.” Through small and seemingly simple events, the lessons learned from these two secondhand dogs are HUGE, and they can be applied to anyone from student, teacher, mentor, friend, parent. Prepare for this book to make a huge impact on your thinking and in your life.” -Gina Gagliano, Veteran Educator and New Teacher Mentor/Coordinator

“Firsthand Lessons is perfect for anyone wanting to excel in life or leadership and is a great example that no matter what your role in life, it’s never too late to reinvent and create a life of excellence.” – Marlene Chism, Author of Stop Workplace Drama

“This book impacted me with its simple wisdom. Normally, I read a few pages of a book, and if I haven’t gotten the message yet, I know I never will. The relationship between Scott and Bruno, however, engaged me to turn pages, see what would happen next, and finish the whole book! I learned a lot about myself in the process, as I reflected on moments of my life. The message and lessons are relative to the times, but also timeless. I energetically put Firsthand Lessons, Secondhand Dog, on anyone’s ‘must-read-now’ list.” – Sam Glenn, Speaker, Author of A Kick in the Attitude