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It is rare to find a leadership speaker or consultant who is both highly engaging and holds deep credentials to back up the message. Scott’s keynotes and workshops blend humorous and poignant storytelling, relevant research, and the application of practical leadership strategies. Engage, inspire, and equip your group of leaders or employees with clear directives for positive change–perfect for conference keynotes and corporate workshops.

leadership speaker, employee engagement speakerWhy Hire Scott? A leadership speaker and workplace consultant who delivers from the heart…

Scott delivers each message as if he was personally invested your organization–passionately researching and presenting customized material that is both accessible and engaging. Click here to download a PDF on Scott.

Scott, known as The Leadership Therapist for his unique background, presents practical wisdom gleaned from his own diverse professional portfolio:

  • from serving as award-winning family crisis intervention therapist for at-risk families,
  • to highly-regarded executive chief-of-staff for a well-known, multi-billion-dollar healthcare organization.

Today, Scott is a highly-requested international keynote speaker/trainer, author, and consultant. Scott reaches groups needing leadership direction in areas including:

  • employee engagement,
  • change management,
  • communications,
  • customer service,
  • positive leadership/workplace culture,

Scott brings “authentic leadership to life from the boardroom to the family room.” Scott’s rare dual background in counseling and executive leadership gives him a broad ability to relate to groups in nearly any setting. His wisdom exudes from his heartwarming and humorous stories and research, and the striking parallels he draws between work and life. His messages are engaging, high energy, and immediately applicable. Scott is regularly a conference favorite who is invited back again and again. He authentically “connects the dots” for attendees and creates a highly memorable experience.

Contact Scott today to learn how he can customize a program for your group or improve morale and engagement.

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