How do your employees show up for work? If you see resilience, focus, and commitment, they are engaged. When they manage time and resources as if they own the organization, they are engaged. When they know how to navigate change, they are engaged. How do you reinforce engagement behaviors, so that each person shows up to live the values of your organization? How do you ensure that your customers see only a seamless display of service?

Savvy leaders understand that Results = Relationships

change management consulting, employee engagement consultingSustainable results require an organization filled with aware, aligned, and active individuals–not just a few, strong, individual contributors.

Scott and his partner at Spiritus Communications (Jocelyn Godfrey Carbonara) share a mission to create healthy, sustainable organizations and leaders who thrive in their communications and behaviors–engaging their communities from the inside out through the power of telling and living their stories.

Scott and Jocelyn know that any change management or employee engagement initiative needs to be tailored to work in your unique culture. Failing to consider first what fits best in your culture would be like forcing a stiletto onto an elephant’s foot. While certified in PROSCI and other related research-based methodology, Scott and Jocelyn operate beyond the template. Each project they engage in is highly personalized to your leaders and your culture. You won’t hear jargon. You will see solutions that bring your employees to life around your aligned goals.

Employee Engagement and Change Management Consulting: Do you need help…

  • Taking your mission and values off a sheet of printed paper and imprinting them in the attitudes and actions of each employee?
  • Navigating a major change like a merger, technology upgrade, policy update, or leadership transfer?
  • Creating the desired story that every employee, customer/patient, and supplier tells when experiencing your organization?
  • Reducing drama and negativity?
  • Increasing trust and communication?
  • Designing and delivering meaningful, sustainable engagement activities, including:
    • Change management consulting
    • Training
    • Strategic and tactical communications
    • Management coaching
    • Performance management
    • Meeting facilitation
    • Conflict management
    • 2-way communication/improvement teams
    • Sponsorship/executive leader coaching
    • Recognition programs
    • Customer and employee satisfaction…and LOYALTY!

Scott and his partner at Spiritus Communications carry extensive experience in consulting organizations around employee engagement, change management, customer service, and strategic communications.

To find out more about employee engagement and change management consulting and coaching options, contact Scott today.