"Bringing authentic leadership to life, from the boardroom to the family room."

-Scott Carbonara, Speaker, Author, Consultant

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A Few of Scott’s Clients

Cindy F. Pres., Prof. Assoc. of Healthcare Office Mgrs.
Scott’s keynote presentation was extremely engaging and energetic. One of the things I liked most in his presentation style is his use of real life examples and how his leadership concepts will work in real life situations. Scott received all 5 out of 5 ratings. Most commented that he had been one of the best speakers they had heard.

Don M. Pres., MT Healthcare Finance Mgmt. Assn.
It is rare to find a speaker who connects with the entire audience but Scott Carbonara did exactly this! 100% of our evaluations had positive comments and reviews from Scott’s energetic and moving presentation. Scott provided a burst of fresh air and re-energized our conference attendees!

Dan K. SD Manufacturing & Tech. Solutions
We were fortunate to have Scott Carbonara provide the keynote address....Scott hit it out of the park! After the presentation, several CEOs approached me and requested Scott return to lead their leadership teams in a workshop to address the employee engagement and retention issue…

Scott’s Speaking & Training

It is rare to find a leadership speaker or consultant who is both highly engaging and holds deep credentials to back up the message. Scott’s keynotes and workshops blend humorous and poignant storytelling, relevant research, and the application of practical leadership strategies. Engage, inspire, and equip your group of leaders or employees with clear directives for positive change–perfect for conference keynotes and corporate workshops.


Engage employees to give of their discretionary effort, while learning how to lead more effectively and authentically. Scott’s books are highly authentic, engaging, and practical to leaders “from the boardroom to the family room.” By weaving riveting and often humorous stories of his own experiences, with key tips for maximizing performance and leadership, Scott shows how to get more from the workplace and beyond.


How do your employees show up for work? If you see resilience, focus, and commitment, they are engaged. When they manage time and resources as if they own the organization, they are engaged. When they know how to navigate change, they are engaged. How do you reinforce engagement behaviors, so that each person shows up to live the values of your organization? How do you ensure that your customers see only a seamless display of service?